The Traveling Salesmix


Imagine that you're throwing a party, and your friends have elected you Music Czar. Your task is to provide continuous background music throughout the night. Each guest has provided you with a list of songs they would like to hear, but the order of the tracks is random, and styles vary wildly from one guest to another.

What's more, your guests are remorseless party machines who will undoubtedly stay up well into the next morning, so your mix will have to be several hours long. If the ordering of songs is too jumpy, the guests may revolt and trash your place. Since you would like to see your security deposit again, the mix must flow. What do you do?


Deep thoughts

For all for alls, there exist there exists, but not without not.



Thanks to popular demand, I'm starting a new blog. It will overflow with technical nuggets of joy. Oh yes.

To celebrate the release of Processing 1.0, I decided to give it a spin. Matlab's visualization tools, while functional, sorely lack in the aesthetics department. The applet below is the result of a lazy Thanksgiving afternoon of hacking to display the results of some ontological embedding code I've been working on.